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I've found that my use of social media is evolving. I sign on to Facebook when I have time to kill, and I've sorted my friends into lists of varying lengths so I can check in on specific groups of people. It's an ideal venue to post and enjoy pictures, but I find that the preponderance of political posts frequently annoys me even when I agree with the core sentiment.

Twitter, however, intrigues me more and more. I love the idea of it being archived by the Library of Congress, so that future historians will have a trove to explore and fill the void left by the decline of physical letters and diaries. I fear that future generations will see the past few decades as a lost era, with few personal primary documents between 1980 and 2010.

Twitter also uses a lot less data to explore, which is important since my data connection is frequently subpar: my choice of carriers has to do with international and cost factors rather than with signal strength. I've also found it much easier to avoid political debates unless I specifically go looking for them, which is useful.

To sum up, I use Facebook to broadcast the outlines of what I'm doing and thinking, as well as to check in on friends. Livejournal remains my preferred venue for more long-form ideas, even if only a paragraph or two, but I'm spending more and more of my time engaging via tweet.

And things are slowly settling into place, at least for the nonce.

A thought

Jul. 8th, 2013 08:47 am
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I'm tempted to rename my blog "The Adventures Continue"

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For a number of various reasons I've abruptly changed my mind about my uses of livejournal, and I'll soon be using it exclusively as the home of my blog.  Until then I'm going to be parallel-posting on MySpace and LJ as I work the bugs out of a website redesign that's going to incorporate my LJ blog.  Thanks for your patience!

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